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The Challenge
“The fundamental truth of marketing comes down to this: If you are going to win the battle in the marketplace, you had better commit to the best strategy you can devise and implement it successfully. The market has no patience with sentiment. It rewards rational decisions executed with precision and conviction. Companies that succeed follow what might be called the ‘Strategic Principal’ of marketing: ‘Marketing must invent complete products and drive them to commanding positions in defensible market segments’.”
(from Marketing High Technology by William H. Davidow former Sr. VP Sales & Marketing Intel)

The Company
Interpres Media is an umbrella organisation coordinating a network of companies that specialise in individual elements of marketing. Interpres Media project manages each resource collectively to deliver a customised solution to your sales & marketing objectives.

Interpres Media’s purpose is to complement a company’s own sales and marketing resource by providing specific expertise when needed, at a cost-effective price. You simply choose which elements you need at the time you need them.

The Marketing Process
Successful marketing demands a combination of product, people (for example, salesmen), price, channels of distribution (“place”), promotion and personal selling. If all these elements (often known as the “5P’s”) are right, sales will follow. A summary of the 5P’s follows.
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